A bariatric shower chair is something that hasn't existed for a very long time but nonetheless holds great importance within hospitals as a way of helping with the important task of keeping up hygiene and maintaining high standards in both comfort and dignity for the patients. It's not always that patients are capable of washing themselves, it can be for many reasons such as broken legs, paralysis and diseases that prevents them from moving much and so they need to be moved by nurses and doctors. But a human body is not a very light thing, it often is heavier than people expect, especially when a body is fully limp and so it can even become a health risk to lift them by yourself with your back potentially taking damage from the heavy lifting. Luckily enough a bariatric shower chair can help with just that to keep you from breaking your back during work.

Made for hospitals

Generally you'd buy these kinds of things directly from a manufacturer, though regular folks wouldn't be able to as they are made specifically for hospitals and elderly homes rather than private homes. One of these manufacturers are TR Equipment whom manufacture various hygiene products to help these institutions keep up a good hygiene. The bariatric shower chair are one of their products and they offer high quality stuff, with adjustable height and tilting to help make the move of a patient to the shower all the easier and smooth. Without such things in hospitals, the chances of people needing to stop working temporarily or even permanently would grow exponentially, as such it's of great importance for hospitals to have these things.​